The XIII International Forum

December 7-8, 2023, St.Petersburg

Arctic: today and the future



Gazprom Neft PJSC

Gazprom Neft PJSC is a partner of the IX International Forum "Arctic: Present and Future".

Gazprom Neft have again supported the Forum and acted as its key partner. The company will be presented in the business program. Its exhibition zone will occupy 100 square meters and unite the company's largest Arctic projects.

Today, Gazprom Neft holds a leading position in Russia in terms of hydrocarbon production and petroleum product processing growth rates. The Company's main activities are exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, production and sales of oil and gas, as well as production and sales of petroleum products.

Gazprom Neft operates in Russia's largest oil-and-gas bearing regions: Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Areas, Tomsk, Omsk and Orenburg Regions. Gazprom Neft's structure includes more than 70 oil producing, refining and marketing enterprises in Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and others.


MegaFon is a national operator of digital opportunities, that holds leading positions in the telecommunications market. It provides mobile and fixed-line services, mobile and broadband Internet access, digital television and OTT video content, offers innovative digital products and services in the field of ICT, Internet of Things, analytics and big data processing, cloud solutions and other products in the field of IT and telecommunications.

On June 6, 2019, MegaFon and Finnish infrastructure operator Cinia Oy signed an agreement to establish an international consortium for the construction of the first trans-Arctic communication line that will be laid on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean and connect Helsinki and Tokyo. The data cable will connect the continents, where about 85% of the world population lives. This is an example of a high-tech solution for the development of the world economy, combined with the implementation of the highest environmental construction standards.

The new fiber optic cable will provide the fastest signal with minimal delay by selecting the shortest path and applying advanced technological solutions. Its length along the Arctic coast of Russia will be 10 thousand km, while the total length will be 13.8 thousand km. In addition, the laying of the cable itself will to stimulate social and economic development of the Arctic region as it will form the network infrastructure for the Arctic and the Far Eastern consumers.

TASS Russian News Agency

TASS is the state information agency of Russia. It was founded in 1904.

Almost 2 thousand employees create an objective and holistic picture of the day in real time daily. TASS publishes about 1.5 thousand messages and more than 500 photos from correspondents in Russia and abroad.

Its photobank is the largest collection of reportage photos among CIS information services, with over 28 million images.

The agency's press centers have been opened in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. Every year TASS holds more than 1000 events in various formats at its own sites as well as within the largest Russian and foreign forums.

TASS maintains partnership relations with more than 60 world news agencies.

Rossiya Segodnya State News Agency

An international media group whose mission is to provide prompt and balanced coverage of the world's events, informing the audience about different views on key events, including the ones nobody’s talking about. This agency is the leader in citation among Russian media and the largest Russian producer of information products aimed at the international audience, business community, government agencies and the widest range of users. portal is a special project of Rossiya Segodnya, launched in 2015 with the financial support of the Russian Geographical Society. Today the portal is the only federal-level information project dedicated to the Russian presence in the Arctic, as well as to the natural resources and infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route, the economy and international cooperation in the Arctic, ecology, conservation of indigenous culture, tourism and recreation in the Arctic region.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex

Ilyushin Aviation Complex PJSC was founded in 1933 by the order of P.I.Baranov, the Deputy People's Commissar of Heavy Industry of the USSR and Head of the Main Department of Aviation Industry. Central Design Bureau of Experimental Aircraft Building of Light Aircraft and Military Series was established on the basis of Plant №39 named after V.R. Menzhinsky.

Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyushin was appointed as the Head of the CDB. Under his leadership, the Design Bureau became one of the leading enterprises in the USSR and Russia, engaged in the construction of complex aircrafts.

Over 87 years, the Design Bureau has developed over 200 and created over 120 types of various aircrafts; more than 60 thousand planes were produced at serial plants. They are distinguished by simplicity of design, manufacturability of production, high reliability, great resource, convenient piloting and maintenance.

Baltic Shipyard JSC

Baltic Shipyard has been one of the leading shipbuilding enterprises in Russia since 1856. The shipyard specializes in the construction of surface ships of the 1st rank, ice-class ships with nuclear and diesel-electric power units, nuclear floating power units. In total, over 600 ships and vessels were built, including all existing nuclear icebreakers and heavy nuclear missile cruisers, space communication and special purpose vessels.

Today, three unique and most powerful nuclear icebreakers of project 22220 Arktika, Siberia and Ural are under construction. Another two nuclear-powered icebreakers are to be laid soon. Besides, an Academician Lomonosov floating power unit was handled over to the customer in 2019. The unit is designed to operate as part of a floating nuclear power plant in Pevek city, located in Chukotka Autonomous District.

Safe Technologies Industrial Group

Safe Technologies CJSC is a Russian medium business enterprise, specialized in the design and construction of ecological, industrial and chemical facilities, as well as in the development of waste management solutions.

The company has four plants with the total area of more than 20000 square meters, owns scientific and technical laboratories and a staff of 200 highly qualified specialists. Modern technical equipment of the production facilities and wide practical experience of the company allows them to carry out projects of any complexity, taking into account specific tasks of the customer. All the works from design to commissioning of facilities are carried out on a turnkey basis.

The activity of the company is supported by the availability of a full package of permits for the design and construction of industrial facilities, as well as facilities of chemical industry and energy. The whole range of waste management equipment is subject to a positive conclusion of the State Environmental Expertise.


Geoscan is a Russian group of companies engaged in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), as well as software development for photogrammetric data processing and three-dimensional visualization.

Geoscan specializes in the production of two types of commercial UAVs: aircraft and multi-rotor. One of the main features of the UAVs is that all the complexes are created at Geoscan's own production facilities. In the production process, only some third-party components are used, and components of their own design allow them to significantly reduce the cost of products.

Today Geoscan delivers to 12 countries of the world. Record indicators of flight duration and extent are te unique advantages of Geoskan technique. The quality of the drones allows them to compete with and surpass most foreign analogues.

Dary Belogo Morya

Dary Belogo Morya company is engaged in extraction, processing and sale of laminaria, fucuses, palmaria and other algae from the depths of the White Sea near the Solovetsky archipelago. The collection is only manual, as the algae is extracted by diving, allowing to select the best algae that meet the highest quality standards. Each algal passes through the diver's hands and is carefully inspected under the water.

The algae is harvested using an approved method that eliminates any harmful effects on the nature by gently cutting the plant and gently extracting it from the water.


The company was established in 2003. It conducts the whole range of works on installation and maintenance of security systems, including video surveillance systems, access control systems, security and fire alarms.

Main activities of the company are:

  • Integrated security systems
  • Design and installation of AMCS access control systems
  • Design, installation and maintenance of fire and security alarm systems
  • Corporate data networks such as Structured Cabling and LAN
  • Network integration. Building IT infrastructure
  • Electrical installation works of any complexity

Granit-Electron Concern JSC

Granit-Electron Concern JSC is a Federal Research and Development Center, leading instrument-making enterprise of Russia, performing orders of the Ministry of Defense for the Russian Navy and the Navy of foreign countries in the framework of military and technical cooperation.

The Concern has unique experience in creating equipment for operation in extremely low temperatures of humidity, in the conditions of magnetic anomalies, in tropospheric and ionospheric disturbances (northern lights). Its huge potential is used for creating multispectral multi-band radar and navigation means of sea and shore-based, including UAVs united in a single information network. Concern creates a leading scientific and technical reserve and technology for the development of advanced radio electronic weapons.

The produce of the Concern enable to quickly make strategic and tactical decisions for the safety of navigation along the Northern Sea Route, the protection of marine, offshore and continental infrastructure, and the prevention of emergency situations.

Lema LLC

The company was founded in 2004. Its core business is design and manufacture of digital bird calls and hunting accessories.

The majority of their employees practice traditional hunting and hunting photography. Our every design project starts out in the nature, in field conditions. Once it grows into a prototype, we test it in real-life conditions.

KUBIK, a professional GSM trail camera, is a high-tech and high-precision device used for surveillance of natural objects or infrastructure. Its main task is to transmit as many photos as possible without changing batteries, even poor signal strength. At the same time, there should be as little false alarms as possible.

Hunterhelp calls are a combination of affordable price, quality component base, modern technology and a unique voice recorder. The company also offers not only electronic funks, but a wide range of accessories: different types of speakers, remote control kits, amplifiers, extensions, additional power supply kits.

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University (National Research University)" (Bauman MSTU)

Bauman Moscow State Technical University is a leading engineering university of Russia, that educates specialists in various fields. Most of the existing specialties allow preparing specialists for the Far North.

The University has a unique base for scientific research, where research and development work on technological development of the Arctic zone is carried out.

Directorate of Arctic Programs was established at the University for solving various scientific and technical tasks.

The stand of MSTU will present experimental models of vehicles preserving the ecosystem, power supply systems, remote-controlled robotic complexes, devices for extreme medicine.


MODERAM Manufacturing and Trade Company JSC is one of the leading Russian manufacturing companies engaged in the development, production and sale of special shoes and clothing. The manufacturing is organized exclusively at their own factories. Footwear production is a priority area in the company's activity.

The mission of the company is to revive the Russian footwear industry and bring it to the level of advanced industries of the Russian economy.

Their goal is to create products that meet the quality standards of industry leaders and can take a strong position in the global footwear market.

Their task is to develop and produce a range of products that will allow anyone, whether an employee of the company, an industrial purchasing specialist or a buyer of a retail chain, to make a conscious choice in favor of shoes made under the "Moderam" logo.


MOTOPROEKT-VOLOGDA LLC is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of equipment for active recreation, snowmobile and cross-country vehicles, as well as equipment and spare parts for it.

MOTOPROEKT-VOLOGDA LLC has proved to be a reliable manufacturer of quality equipment and components.

The head office of the company is located in Vologda.

Today the company has sold more than 10 000 units of equipment and not a single item has been returned.

All the equipment manufactured takes into account Russian realities, strict quality control and testing are implemented at each stage of production, the reference quality is achieved. For this reason, all-terrain vehicle and snowmobile equipment from the company MOTOPROEKT-VOLOGDA LLC is considered one of the best in Russia.

All the equipment is being sold via the Muzhik online store, named after the most popular model of a motorcycle tow truck.

Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R. E. Alekseev

NSTU is rated among the top 100 universities of Russia according to "Interfax RA" rating and the top 100 universities of Russia according to the "Expert RA" rating. It is a Basiс University of Rosatom Group of Companies, United Shipbuilding Corporation, United Aircraft Corporation, the head university (according to IAEA decision) for training personnel for nuclear industry in the Eurasian region.

NGTU is a member of the Association of Technical Universities and the Association for Engineering Education of Russia.

MISSION. Provision of advanced innovative, technological and social development of Nizhny Novgorod region, training of highly qualified personnel, intellectual and entrepreneurial elite, performance of scientific researches on the world level, active participation in formation of industrial policy, education of young generation of patriots of Russia.

STRATEGIC GOAL. Leadership of NSTU as a regional integrator of the education-science-industry system, as a center of entrepreneurial activity, youth policy, social responsibility, education, cultural and historical heritage.

New Telecommunication Technologies

New Telecommunication Technologies Research and Production Enterprise was founded in 2004.

The company has a rich scientific potential as 26 candidates and doctors of science work for the company. The specialists of the company are engaged in design, development and serial production of telecommunication systems and complexes. Special software development plays a significant role.

Today the company holds a leading position in the Russian market in the field of innovative development and production of modern telecommunication complexes.

Radar MMS R&P Enterprise

Radar MMS JSC is one of the world leaders in the field of creation of radio electronic systems and complexes for special and civil purposes, precision instrument engineering, special software, and a recognized system integrator of on-board radio electronic equipment.

The company was founded in 1950 and since then it has been successfully working in the field of defense industry for 70 years. Today it carries out extensive activities on civil topics performing the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation and within the framework of Defense industry of Russia conversion and import substitution programs.

Radar MMS has been awarded (in 2010, 2015 and 2019) with the Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation “For the great contribution to the development of the radio electronic industry, strengthening the defense capabilities of the country and their labor achievements”.

Areas of activity of Radar MMS JSC:

  • Radar systems
  • Aviation based complexes
  • Robotics complexes
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Special software
  • Sensors and measuring systems
  • Speed ships and sea-based complexes
  • Service and services

United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC (USC JSC)

United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC is the largest shipbuilding company in Russia. It was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of Russia in 2007 with 100% federal ownership. The holding includes about 40 design and engineering bureaus, research and development centers, shipyards, ship-repair and machine-building enterprises on the basis of which most of the domestic shipbuilding complex is consolidated. USC enterprises operate in all major port and transport hubs of Russia: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from Murmansk to Astrakhan. The United Shipbuilding Corporation is the leader in the world ice-breaking industry. The largest production task in the civil shipbuilding is to meet the needs of domestic companies in icebreaking, transport, research, rescue and auxiliary vessels, as well as a wide range of marine equipment for the development of the continental shelf.


Pomor producse reliable small cross-country vehicles with front and rear drive. These are universal towers for any time of year, which easily overcome all obstacles on their way.

Motorized towing vehicle POMOR is a multipurpose small-sized caterpillar vehicle intended for movement and transportation of people and cargo on snowy terrain and off-road.

The Pomor motorcycle tow truck is a convenient and affordable helper for hunters, fishermen, huntsmen or cottage owners, as well as for the fans of active rest in snowy areas or for transporting small loads.

Pomor is a reliable company specializing in the creation and production of cross-country vehicles since 1975.

Red Fox

Red Fox has been successfully operating on the Outdoor clothing market since 1989. "We are on a quest", is the motto of Red Fox.

Red Fox today is a leading Russian manufacturer of high quality, modern and comfortable clothing and equipment for extreme sports and outdoor activities.

Professional climbers, who know the needs of athletes, stand at the origins of the company, that's why Red Fox clothes and equipment from the very first days became very respected and popular. And the key values of Red Fox are: nature, adventure and modern technology, remained unchanged until now.

In 2014 Red Fox will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Twenty-five years of hard and fruitful work. During this time they have achieved recognition from leading Russian and foreign companies, professional athletes and active leisure enthusiasts.

REP Holding JSC

REP Holding JSC is a leading Russian power machine building holding, developer, manufacturer, and supplier of new generation power equipment.

It carries out engineering development, manufacturing and comprehensive supplies of power and electrical equipment for gas, oil, metallurgical and chemical industries, power generation and power grid complex.

Competitive advantages:

  • Scientific and technical potential, usage of unique structural and technological solutions
  • Powerful production, engineering and design base
  • Years of experience in manufacturing power equipment
  • Successful experience in localization of advanced foreign technologies
  • Manufacturing of modern energy-saving equipment according to API standards
  • Full production cycle from development to service.
  • Automated production technologies
  • High reliability and availability of the units
  • Unique environmental characteristics of the equipment
  • Comprehensive turnkey delivery

Northern Machine-Building Enterprise JSC

Main activities:

  • Shipbuilding;
  • Production of marine equipment for oil and gas extraction;
  • Manufacturing of technical products for machine-building, metallurgical, oil and gas and other industries;
  • Warranty repair, modernization of ships, utilization;
  • Design of ships, marine structures, shipboard equipment, machinery for oil and gas production.

STL Company LLC

The STL company is a developer and manufacturer of medical equipment for individual use, aimed at prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems, rehabilitation of patients after surgery. The company's products meet high quality standards and have a medical registration certificate. STL Company is a laureate of specialized international and domestic exhibitions and contests.


Expeditions to the far corners of the earth and weekend trips, great discoveries and simple joys of the suburbs are especially good if you are ready for them.

There are no trifles, each detail is important. Hats and gloves, clothes and underwear, socks and shoes, everything. We, fortunately, know about it firsthand. Personal experience plus the design is a secret weapon of the naturalist at all poles of the Earth.

And what works at the edge of the Earth, works almost everywhere. And it is trouble-free and stylish.

Since 1896 in Sweden and since 1998 in Russia. OOO SATILA



Technomarine company carries out wholesale and retail sale of accessories, spare parts and accessories for inflatable boats, boat motors, boats, yachts, jet skis, ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles.

A system for selecting spare parts for snowmobiles, jet skis, ATVs, motorcycles and boat motors is implemented on the official site of the company.

The range of products includes Solas propellers, Ultraflex steering systems, Ultraflex control devices, NGK spark plugs, deck equipment, anchorage equipment, electrical equipment, equipment for fuel, fan and drainage systems, yacht furniture and interior items.

Besides, Technomarin produces a wide range of tuning products for fishing and additional equipment for inflatable boats, ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles.


TRECOL is constantly searching for developments different from those that are offered by other manufacturers of cross-country vehicles; it continues to introduce innovative technologies, mastering new horizons. Having become the first to mass-produce off-road vehicles on tubeless ultra low-pressure tires, TRECOL manufactures more than 350 vehicles per year.

TRACOL Research and Production Company LLC has highly qualified employees who develop, design and implement various ideas into ready-made projects.

Main advantages:

  • Attention to customer wishes;
  • Highly qualified employees;
  • Production of more than 350 units per year;
  • Implementation of innovative technologies;
  • Quality control;
  • Technical inspection and service;
  • Test drives.

The Agrophysical Research Institute (AFI)

Main activities of the Institute:

  • Carrying out fundamental and priority applied research, development and experimental works, introduction of scientific achievements aimed at obtaining new knowledges in the field of agriculture and crop production;
  • Scientific support of development for the creation of management basis for agro-ecological systems and increase their sustainability in the face of global and regional climatic changes on the basis of agro-physical means and methods;
  • Development of innovative methodology of field experiments and experimental work for reservations of the scientific institutions system;
  • Development and creation of automated agro-monitoring information and measuring software systems and intelligent systems to support technological solutions in agriculture and land reclamation;
  • Development of innovative biotechnologies for obtaining genetically breeding material and production of plant products.

VNIIOceangeology FSBI

The All-Russia Scientific Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of the World Ocean named after Academician I. S. Gramberg (FGBU "VNIIOceangeology") is now widely known as the basic scientific organization of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use of the Russian Federation in the field of geological study of the continental shelf, the World Ocean, the Arctic and Antarctic.

The main areas of research:

  • Oil and gas content study of the Russian continental shelf
  • Substantiation of the position of the outer limit of the Russian continental shelf using geological and geophysical methods
  • Geological mapping and integrated Aassessment of the Arctic mineral potential
  • Research and preparation for the development of world ocean minerals
  • Geological and geophysical study of the Antarctic
  • Monitoring of geological environment and ensuring environmental safety of the Arctic shelf

All-Russian Scientific-Research Geological Institute named after A. P. Karpinsky (VSEGEI FSBI)

The All-Russian Scientific Research Geological Institute named after A. P. Karpinsky Research Geological Institute (VSEGEI) is the leading institution of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra) in the field of regional geological study of subsoil. The main activities of VSEGEI are provision and execution of works on state geological mapping of the Russian Federation territory and its adjacent water areas, creation of the state network of supporting geological and geophysical profiles, parametric and ultra-deep wells, scientific and technical support of geological exploration works, scientific, thematic and experimental methodological works.

VSEGEI is the successor and continuer of traditions of the first state geological institution of Russia: the Geological Committee, established in St. Petersburg on January 31, 1882 by the decree of Emperor Alexander III for systematical study of geological structure of Russia, as well as for solving practical tasks to assess the prospects of the country's territory for various types of minerals.

VSEGEI is named after Alexander Petrovich Karpinsky, who headed the Geological Committee for more than 18 years, and in the period from 1917 to 1936 was the first elected President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Philips is a leading technology company aimed at improving the quality of life of people at all stages of the health continuum: from healthy lifestyles, prevention and early diagnosis to treatment and care at home. Philips has in-depth expertise in consumer products and healthcare, and uses advanced technology to provide comprehensive solutions. The company is a leader in medical imaging, patient monitoring and IT systems, as well as in the solutions for personal care and home care equipment.


Series production of Sherp cross-country vehicles based in St. Petersburg.

Designing of the all-terrain vehicle has started in 2012, in 2015 the serial production was launched and the world premiere took place. Sherp all-terrain vehicles are recognized as a unique phenomenon in the field of engineering, which has no analogues in the world.

The key feature of the cross-country vehicle is a pneumatic suspension, which allows to quickly change the pressure in the tires to pass any type of surfaces. Wheel inflation is carried out with exhaust gases and takes no more than 30 seconds.

The Sherp vehicles can move on any type of terrain, including sand, snow, ice, swampy terrain, stone run, on water, as well as go out of the water on the ice.

The operation of all-terrain vehicles Sherpa is possible in any climatic zones, including the Arctic Circle. Today more than 250 all-terrain vehicles are successfully operated throughout the Russia and the Arctic regions.

Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center” (SSTC JSC)

Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center Joint Stock Corporation (SSTC JSC) is a leading technological center in Russian shipbuilding sector and one of the largest research institutions in Saint-Petersburg.

The company, awarded a status of State Scientific Center of Russian Federation, carries out fundamental and applied research, developing advanced technologies for shipbuilding and heavy engineering, including those based on use of new energy sources and new physical phenomena, participates in development and implementation of large-scale projects. Today, JSC “Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center” is a diversified research and production corporation.

Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering

CDB ME RUBIN JSC, a part of USC JSC, is a multi-specialized design bureau of marine equipment.

Being the largest design bureau of submarine shipbuilding in Russia, the CDB RUBIN has accumulated considerable experience in creating civil equipment for various purposes and is now the lead organization of USC JSC engaged in the design of technical means for oil and gas fields on the continental shelf as well as in underwater robotics.


US MEDICA was founded in Wilmington (Delaware, USA) by President Wilson Foster and his partner, marketing coordinator James Arlen in 1987, who established the production of massage equipment.

The company motto is to bring health, beauty and good mood to people. That is why the main direction of the company's activity is the development and production of products, the use of which helps to noticeably improve the health and appearance, to feel the rush of vitality and protect yourself from the negative effects of tension, high loads and stress.

The main task of the company is to create conditions for healthy rest of its clients, saving their time and offering the most modern massage equipment and technologies, combining long-term traditions and innovative design and engineering developments.